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Driving Innovation

Our expert consultants serve the global Technology Industry and other sectors that depend on Technology to survive. We celebrate innovation and the essential role it plays in every human life and every element of today’s global economy. Our placements—CEOs, board directors, C-Suite and senior sales and engineering talent—deliver great outcomes. They elevate people, cultures and products. They scale businesses and organizations. And to pass ZRG’s deep assessment, they must go beyond meeting a client’s essential qualifications and be able to deliver something extra when taking on a leadership role.

Who We Are

We are an international team that serves Tech clients globally and delivers multiple ZRG innovations. These include executive and board search, assessment analytics and interim, DEI, cultural and performance solutions. Our clients include the Fortune 500, mid-cap businesses, SMEs, private equity, pre-IPO, venture-backed and tech-enabled businesses. 

Our Approach

We are more than executive search. We’re advisors on a wide range of leadership, talent, organizational, cultural and performance needs. We collaborate and our work is data-driven, employing our proprietary Z Score process and suite of client success tools designed for a truly different client experience. Our work is private, and on every engagement, we customize our process and work to find the best ZRG solution to address a client’s need. Our process adheres to strict timelines, deep research and candidate ID, qualification, interviewing, specialized assessment, and compensation negotiation to place and help onboard your finalist. We guarantee diversity on every search slate. In some cases, alternative ZRG solutions may be more suited to a client’s need, and we will make that recommendation when appropriate.

Our Philosophy

The complexity of today’s global economy demands that leadership advisory firms offer more than executive search, which is why we add to this our deep assessment and analytics. We also offer tools to aid organizational transformation, cultural compatibility, team performance and the Interim Management solutions often needed to address a sudden critical business challenge. Our clients can leverage ZRG’s suite of leadership advisory solutions to avoid the red ocean of mediocrity and thrive in the blue waters of agility, innovation, growth, and value creation.


  • CEO, Board, Succession, Board Culture
  • Chief Financial Officers, Financial Operations
  • Chief Marketing Officers and senior reports
  • Chief Technology Officers, Engineering Leaders
  • Chief Information Officers, Cyber Security Leaders
  • Chief Customer Officers
  • Chief Revenue Officers, Senior Sales Leaders
  • Chief Product Officers
  • Chief Human Resource Officers
  • Business Transformation/Turnarounds

Clients Served/Areas of Focus

  • Fortune 500, mid-cap businesses, SMEs, private equity, pre-IPO, and venture-backed businesses
  • Software/SaaS/Cloud
  • Data & Analytics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Infrastructure: Telecommunications Networking Systems & Services, Datacenter
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Hardware, Systems & Semiconductors
  • Consumer
  • AR/VR


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