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We are committed to the identification and deployment of leaders who will change the world.  Private industry, nonprofits, and governmental entities are participating in this revolution- how best to combine talent and resources to solve society’s most pressing challenges.  We understand the nuances in moving leaders between sectors- it takes skill and expertise, diversity of perspective, and proprietary data analytics- leadership found a better way.

Who We Are

ZRG's Social Impact & Nonprofit practice is a global collaboration of talent professionals with the expertise to identify leaders who will transform social impact organizations- bring about real change and scale to make a real difference. Assisting traditional nonprofits as well as public-private partnerships, incubators, accelerators, corporations, social impact investment funds, universities, and governmental organizations, we can make a difference. We understand the leadership challenges such organizations face that aim to make a difference and provide insight and access to the leaders you want to meet.

Our Approach

ZRG is unique in its approach to leadership identification. Each practice member takes a broad view of talent, encouraging Boards and other stakeholders to identify fundamental skill sets and leadership attributes that will contribute to solving real problems. We utilize proprietary assessment tools and data analytics to gain additional insight. With these learnings, our team sources and networks to candidates that have the potential to transform organizations- new approaches, new resource alignment, new funding support- a new paradigm for operating and scaling impact. It is a win for all- clients and leaders looking for new ways to contribute to society.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the work of social impact organizations regardless of tax status or legal structure as each is uniquely positioned to help shape a better world. Our clientele face unique challenges and require leadership with a unique blend of competencies and attributes..


Social Impact Organizations Nonprofits
Accelerators Advocacy
Incubators Climate and Conservation
Foundations & Philanthropies Culture and Arts
Government Education
Public-Private Partnerships Faith
Social Impact Investment Funds Health
  Housing and
Community Development
  Social Services
  Veterans Affairs/Advocacy

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