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Steady performance with global shifts

International politics. Industry consolidation. Dwindling expertise.

We still need to make things, and that focus on core competencies is what provides stability to this industry. The increase in value and profitability stem from the introduction of technology, automation, integration, and data-driven preventive maintenance. Your leadership team needs to successfully balance the traditional successes with the new opportunities to maintain and grow your business.

ZRG has significant experience supporting the hiring needs of industrial companies all over the world. We help clients in a host of functional areas. We know where to find the top talent for every critical leadership position within this diverse and global sector.

Industry Expertise

  • Aerospace and Defense
    Business relationships, based on areas of expertise, are critical in this sector. Supply chain partners must co-develop low-risk innovation. Modernization of legacy systems will facilitate system integration, M&As will continue. More on Aerospace, Defense & Government Services
  • Agribusiness
    The market is shifting on so many levels. There is an increase in production efficiencies, demand for natural resources in production regulations costs, shareholder communication, the utilization of big data, and the need for business (vs agricultural) management. More on the Agribusiness Practice
  • Automotive
    Enhancements to the automotive space are based on technology: virtually bought cars, online media connections, and computerized safety alerts.
  • Basic Materials / Minerals and Mining
    This sector is searching for new sources of supply, while demands shift to new materials and regional sources. Low cost operations continue to be important, and environmental stressors need to be mitigated.
  • Chemicals
    The industry is in deep transformation and companies need to respect its history while embracing the expectations from today’s marketplace. It is all about being environmentally-friendly.
  • Diversified Manufacturing
    The best use of technology will differentiate the winners. Priorities for the industry include: robotics, cloud-based ERP systems, integrated BI systems, and security.
  • Energy (Oil and Gas, Utilities, Renewables)
    Immediate development opportunities include storage and microgrids. The longer-term goal is determining how to meet energy demands in today’s environmentally-conscious marketplace.
  • Industrial Services (Construction, Infrastructure and Services)
    This industry is suffering because of the increase in environmentally-friendly demands and safety concerns, and the decline of interest in today’s workforce.
  • Logistics and Transportation

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