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RPO With a Soul

Hub is pioneering the future of RPO. We offer growing technology companies a precise, efficient and flexible corporate recruiting solution made possible by our amazing recruiters and powerful technology. At Hub, we’ve created an inclusive and empowering culture so that our recruiters will always be proud to call themselves Hubsters.

What Is an RPO With a Soul?

Hub wasn’t even sure until we became one. When a new employee expressed that she joined Hub because she thought of Hub as ‘the RPO with a Soul,’ we were surprised and thrilled by the compliment. But we also understood. Because it's who we are. 

Every Employee, Every Project, Every Day.

Our founders created it. Our employees named it.  And every day, we hold ourselves accountable to it.  

RPO with a Soul because it's who we are.

Our Services

Hub has all levels of recruiting consultants to fit any size organization in multiple/various industries. We can provide all levels of talent acquisition professionals, including sourcers, recruiters, and talent managers, ready to partner with our clients to deliver solutions and ROI.

Project Based
Our short-term or volume hire solution. This solution is ideal for companies with immediate, inconsistent hiring needs throughout the year or bulk-hiring needs.  This ready-to-deploy option can be turned off once goals have been achieved. Timely, nimble, and cost-effective, the average recruitment outsourcing project may be implemented in as little as a few weeks and typically lasts between three to twelve months.

We work with you on a solution that gives your organization as little or as much support as needed. Ideal for companies seeking complete flexibility in a time of critical need. On-demand recruitment solutions are designed for any recruitment-related demand in any time frame, including sourcing, recruiting, screening, interviewing, or technology. And if you need more support than originally projected, an on-demand partnership may expand in scope or services as your requirements evolve.

Multiple recruiters in one organization, not necessarily one department. Ideal for companies that need to create a whole recruiting department or supplement a rapidly growing organization.  This approach is well suited to organizations that need a team of more than one recruiter.

An Enterprise RPO solution looks after the complete recruitment process taking care of every piece of the talent puzzle, from attracting candidates to offers negotiations, onboarding colleagues, monitoring compliance, and conducting exit interviews.

As a unique, full-service solution, enterprise RPO can be deployed throughout your organization or within a specific geographic region, division, department, or function.

We create tailored solutions designed to meet your organization’s specific challenges. You are guaranteed a solution based on what your organization needs, not on pre-existing recruitment models. We are flexible, creative, highly experienced, and passionate about our work.

An integral part of Hub's makeup is our diversity. We partner with leading organizations to build cultures that reflect our world today.  Utilizing specialized diversity sourcing and hiring strategies, our recruiters make building a more diverse organization flexible, efficient and data-driven.

Our Core Values

Teamwork makes the dream work.
The definition of a Hub is that it is the effective center of any activity.  We believe that our people are that center and that through collaboration, we can generate magnificent results.   We are part of the same team, striving to deliver the promise of results to our partners.

Diversity & inclusivity is a must.
We champion diversity by building a team that reflects our world and the partners we work alongside.  We believe the more perspectives we have, the better decisions we make.

Dream Big.
We believe there is always room for growth.  We are constantly learning, setting bigger goals, and improving our processes to benefit our partners.  We never settle.

Data is king.
Using data to achieve goals is the only option in this day and age.  Supplying our partners with the data they need to make decisions on hiring is the only way we believe in doing business.

Partner success is a win for us too.
We’re driven by our commitment to delivering exceptional service, experiences, and data-driven results. We value our relationships and are defined by how well we care for them.  We win when our partners achieve results.

Do the right thing.
Organizations choose to work with us because they trust our experience, model, and people.  We earn that trust by ensuring everything we do is reliable, consistent, and with the highest level of integrity.

Our People

At Hub, we have a real sense of purpose and always stand for much more than revenue and margins. We consistently prioritize the well-being of our employees, clients, and the overall community.  Through the diversity of thought and diversity in our people, we can provide our clients with the right match for their needs.


At Hub, we accept the responsibility of thinking beyond our own boundaries and working to drive positive change throughout the lives and families of all Hubsters, our clients, and our communities.

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