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Marketing & Growth Officers

Demand Generation to Revenue Generation

Analytical. Data-driven. Insightful. Personal.

ZRG brings a distinctive data and analytics approach to the talent acquisition process by applying tools and metrics designed to enhance the person-job-organization fit. These engagements are executed with a fundamental understanding of the iterative nature of strategy, structure, people, process, and culture. Our team brings hands-on experience to these assignments in combination with an impressive track record of placements across all industry verticals.

Unlike a CFO, CIO, or other functional leaders, Marketing, Growth, and Commercial Officers are expected to be highly strategic and focused on growth. Members of the practice have been at the forefront of defining and refining these roles with clients for over 15 years.  Depending on the client’s needs, these roles can be brand-centric or closely tied to revenue generation. With applied data and analytics, these functions are expected to be smarter and provide a measurable impact on all go-to-market decisions. Just as we do in the hospitality and retail sectors, ZRG employs sophisticated data analytics to anticipate customer needs. Marketing personalization is the future.

ZRG Partners conducts CMO, CGO, CCO, and related searches across many sectors, including:

  • Chief Commercial Officers: GM and Sales leadership
  • Chief Marketing Officers: CMOs and their direct reports                               
    • Brand, Advertising/Media, Insights, Digital/Social, Innovation, and Sponsorship Marketing
  • Digital Innovation Officers
  • Strategy Officers
  • R&D/Innovation

Key attributes include:

  • Expertise across the spectrum of Demand and Revenue Generation
  • Search in context: industry, business stage, growth trajectory, competitive environment
  • Process-driven data & analytics solutions
  • Global reach with an emphasis on diverse slates

Our products and services include:

  • Talent Acquisition
    • Retained Executive Search
    • Mid-level Staffing/RPO
    • Talent Mapping
    • Interim CMO/CGO Executive
  • Advisory/Consulting
    • Talent Consulting
    • Executive/Team Assessment & Development
    • Total Salesforce Solutions
    • Organizational Effectiveness
    • M&A/Transaction Support
  • Team Experts
    • Global team
    • Marketing strategists
    • Industry experts

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We have successfully recruited and placed long-term candidates in the following roles:

Top Global Leadership

Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Growth Officer
Chief Commercial Officer
Chief Development Officer
Chief Customer Officer

Functional Leadership (Direct Reports)

Vice President, Social Media
Vice President, Digital and Analytics
Vice President, Insights
Vice President, Brand and MarCom
Vice President, Sales
Vice President, Innovation and R&D
Vice President, Sales Operations

Marketing and Growth Officers Team