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Providing People Solutions

ZRG started over 20 years ago with a simple idea: search is broken, and we can do it better. Today, we are a global talent advisory firm, providing people solutions for our clients' most complex talent issues. Our core offerings include revolutionary, data-based, executive search focusing on senior leadership around the world. Our suite of on-demand talent offerings helps backfill open roles and address project-based work with specialized talent. Our consulting and advisory solutions focus on key issues like culture, strategic alignment, coaching, and sales optimization.

Leveraging our global platform of over 500 teammates with a tech-powered solution kit, ZRG is a leading talent advisory firm for leading-edge clients.


We offer a broad scope of consulting services alongside our core search offerings. The experts in our Walking the Talk division can make culture your superpower. Brimstone Consulting will help optimize and onboard world-class leadership.


We provide on-demand talent solutions whether your need is increased bandwidth at crunch time or a steady hand on the wheel during an ongoing leadership search.


We are natively global in our reach with practitioners and entire divisions working around the world in the UK, Europe, the Middle East/North Africa, the Asia Pacific, and North and South America. Our team collaborates across geographic boundaries and industry verticals to bring you multiple solutions.