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The Backbone of the Economy

Family businesses exist in each global market and have been touted as the ‘most trusted of any business type, worldwide’.  In the U.S. 90% of businesses are family-owned or family-controlled.  There are a unique set of benefits, challenges, and rewards in being a family business, and the expectations of family business ownership is highly unique.  We appreciate the value in the legacy, character, and soul of family companies.

At ZRG we recognize that there are different expectations to hiring for a family business, and have been highly successful in helping companies who have been ‘family-run’ to being ‘family controlled’ with succession plans to bring in non-family members in senior leadership roles.  Statistics prove that 30% of family companies extend to second-generation while only 12% to third and 3% to fourth. 

Studies have shown that employees work harder in family businesses because they believe in the mission and vision in a much more prophetic way.  Reputations matter and those who will be at the helm for the future need to hold that reputation very closely.  Families need to understand that the family isn’t losing its identity, but now they will be shepherded by a new person, who, when chosen carefully and properly, will feel like a new family member.

We have been honored to have been chosen as the search partner to bring on Independent Board Members for Family Businesses, strengthening the resolve of the business to continue but with respectful challenging of ideas and thoughts.

Our business model allows us to harness the best and brightest talent available, paying close attention to cultural compatibility as well as cultural adaptability to the family business DNA.  We are connected to renowned Family Business consulting groups and organizations. We are known and respected for our relationships and, via our proprietary data and analytics approach to executive search selection, our family business clients have come to expect that we will bring forth those individuals who will be embraced by the family.

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