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Real Estate

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Who We Are

With an extensive background in development, operations, and investment across all real estate asset classes, we bring a deep understanding and current market knowledge to our clients and candidates in the real estate business. Specifically, we bring a contextual perspective to the search process, along with an intimate knowledge of our clients’ inner workings. These insights enable us to use the power of search to help build world class leadership teams, empowering our clients to better execute, grow, and compete within their markets throughout the world.

Our Approach

As subject matter experts, we have also assisted our clients in accelerating their launch, growth, or increasing the productivity and competitiveness of their business platform through offering comparable market knowledge and high-level strategic introductions, accessing our deep and well-nurtured professional networks developed through years of consistent professionalism, positive outcomes, and market credibility.

An example of our leadership in the business is our award winning podcast, Leading Voices in Real Estate in which our Co-Head of Real Estate, Matt Slepin, interviews leaders from throughout the real estate business. You can find this on any podcast app or you can access it here. We invite you to listen in.

Our Philosophy

We are inspired by the power of real estate to drive the economy, influence people’s lives, and impact the environment. As the real estate industry becomes increasingly competitive and institutional, we recognize that stability, sophistication, and capability are the key drivers of success. We support those drivers from the perspective of a business’ organizational structure and its human capital. Our distinct toolset allows us to bring quantitative data to the qualitative problem of talent acquisition, ensuring the best match between client and candidate. By bringing together our clients and candidates for the purpose of building great organizations, we play a role in shaping the future of the real estate industry.

Real Estate Clients are in All Property Type Sectors and Include:

  • REITs
  • Private Equity and Investment Management
  • Owners/Developers
  • Affordable Housing and Community Development
  • Healthcare Real Estate
  • Real Estate Services, including Brokerage and Property Management
  • Prop Tech and Real Estate Technology Services
  • Design & Construction
  • Financial Services and Mortgage Finance

Chart of the Real Estate ecosystem



Real Estate Team