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Private Equity

Understanding the Needs

ZRG focuses on the unique needs of direct investment firms and their portfolio companies. We understand the distinctive requirements and pressures facing private equity funds. Our team has deep experience in the sector and understands how investors think and what drives the creation of equity value.

Our search practice spans private equity buyouts to early-stage venture investments, most typically for C-level roles. We also conduct searches for portfolio companies’ boards of directors and investment professionals and operating partner roles for the funds themselves.

We leverage the strong industry vertical knowledge of our partners, providing boutique quality service on a global scale to private equity-backed client companies ranging from sneakers to semiconductors. With offices across North America, Europe, and China—and the collective experience of our consultants on six continents—we can also go where our clients need us the most.

With the commoditization of financial engineering, more modest debt leverage, and the ubiquity of information that has led to greater competition for deals and far fewer under-informed sellers, ZRG knows the imperative for leadership to make great investments.

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