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Brimstone a ZRG Company


For more than 40 years, Brimstone has worked side by side with extraordinary leaders to move from strategy to execution and uncover the pivot points for true business growth and transformation.

Brimstone’s methodology aligns leadership goals with business capabilities at all levels to change the way work gets done, energize change-makers, and accelerate growth, performance, and profitability.

Brimstone’s key focus areas include business acceleration; change enablement; culture change; executive coaching; leadership development; leadership team alignment; organizational alignment; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and post-merger execution.


Be of Service
We do the job that needs doing; we are genuine in our offer to help; we see the client’s needs as our needs; we deliver “Bagels to Boardroom.”

Pursue Excellence
We show up, always; we handle the details; we help others be excellent; we are masters of our craft; we get results; we over-deliver; we deliver unique value.

Partner Effortlessly
We work to be inclusive; we are easy to work with; we leave our ego at the door; we seek to include others; we collaborate and cooperate.

Give Generously
We give of ourselves; we demonstrate concern; we act with a spirit of respect and good intentions; we are generous in service to others.

Have Guts
We lead with the head and the heart; we help others have the appropriate and necessary conversations; we tell the truth as we see it, with respect; we have the conversations that others avoid.

Stay Curious
We are interested in people and experiences; we are open to the new; we have an adventurous spirit — we show it and share it; we stay relevant.

Bring Out the Best
We strive to bring out the best in ourselves, in others, in our world; we try to live healthy and balanced lives; we strive to be accountable for our decisions and actions; we work to be authentic and build trust; we try to energize others in every interaction.

Our Differentiators

We Know Our Stuff
Our team is comprised of entrepreneurs, former C-suite executives, educators, and seasoned process consulting experts. We have life experiences, business expertise, and “I’ll take on any challenge” mentality that helps us quickly understand what leaders are facing and identify ways to help those leaders accomplish what they want to accomplish. We bring maturity, candor, partnership, and a bottom-line focus to every engagement.

We Partner
We work side by side with leaders who are committed to making a significant difference. We work with these extraordinary leaders to help them spur big changes in their organizations, business, and industries and to drive transformation.

We Have a Bias for Action
Our methodology, processes, and tools help leaders simultaneously drive results, accelerate leadership development, improve team effectiveness, achieve organizational alignment, and energize the organization. Our partnership not only changes the way work gets done but also transforms the organization.

Our approach is results-oriented, practical, flexible, and hands-on. Our advice is neither theoretical nor academic – we help you get real work done, achieve real results, solve real problems. And we know you need to move quickly and inspire others to do the same. We listen, we assess, we advise, we help you plan, we intervene, we help you take action.

We Care
Our team cares about you and your business. Our North Star value is “to be of service,” and helping our clients is at the heart of everything we do. We build meaningful relationships, and we deeply value the individuals and teams we serve.

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