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Growth in spite of instability

National regulation. Advancing technology. Industry disruptors.

Healthcare continues to be in a state of transition, especially in the US where government regulations are in a state of flux. Ongoing advances in technology and innovation are also disruptors to healthcare.

In this market, to survive and succeed, you need forward-thinking leadership skills. New hires need to adapt to this evolving industry, impacting your business today and tomorrow.

You can attract and retain the right executives by using ZRG to methodically find and assess talent that understands the intricacies in this dynamic environment.

Industry Expertise

  • Healthcare Services
    C-Suite roles will start to reflect the need for organizational leaders in technology – Innovation, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Voice Technology, etc. Nurses will continue to play a more critical role in hospital informatics and in-house experienced care.
  • Healthcare Provider/ Payer
    Behavioral healthcare becomes more mainstream. Payers and Providers continue to challenge each other on who provides more value.
  • Healthcare IT
    Many themes will impact this field, including the familiar ones of patient engagement & experience, AI & data visualization, health information & data security, and increased use of the cloud.
  • Healthcare Products
    Many of these ideas come from technology and permeated healthcare: mobile applications, health wearables, electronic health records (EHR), non-emergency healthcare transportation, 3D printing, and genomics.
  • For-Profit Health
    There is the ongoing, organic debate about profitability vs investing in charitable causes, but there are all the advantages of constantly investing in facility and technology upgrades, utilizing in-house legal & consultant resources, and the freedom to invest in external lobbying resources.
  • Academic Health
    There are many new theoretical techniques and forms of hands-on application, but those might have slow adoptions with the shortage of healthcare professionals and the changing landscape for policy in the US.
  • Healthcare Real Estate
    The evolution of healthcare real estate continues for both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. However, the complexity and specialization within the sector demands a singular focus on the overall healthcare ecosystem based on the unsettling effects of political, economic, and social impacts. ZRG offers a unique subject matter expertise through both insight and well-earned access within this niche alternative investment. More on our Real Estate Practice >

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