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Spokespeople under stressed circumstances

Informed. Appropriate. Responsive.

We recruit the right talent into two of the most critical and influential roles of today’s corporate leadership team – the Investor Relations Officer and the Chief Communications Officer.

At the intersection of all strategic business decisions and risk assessment, these two executives serve as:

  • Partners with the leadership team and Board of Directors to ensure consistent strategic messaging across all platforms with all audiences
  • Visionary and transformative leaders who are credible representatives of the executive team with the investment community and other constituencies
  • The objective representatives of the leadership team, with a perspective on mitigating external threats to best allow the company to stay focused on its core business
  • The compelling voice to all constituencies on the executive team’s decisions on the business and brand direction
  • Stewards of transparency on the myriad of subjects germane to a company’s credibility and viability

As the array of business threats continue to increase, the Investor Relations Officer and Chief Communications Officer will be the go-to people of the executive teams, and they will serve as informed catalysts for productive conversations and potentially, more-positive outcomes when the company is in difficult situations.

Investor Relations Officer (IRO)

IROs need to be savvy experts in the global economy, have sharp business acumen and understand shareholder activism to be considered an influential part of leadership. It is expected that IRO talent has the financial astuteness and broad capability skillset to guide a company through activist situations and their successful outcomes.

Chief Communications Officer (CCO)

CCOs must be adept at handling highly-complicated communications, including those through traditional channels and social media sites. They must identify and utilize the most effective and least-risky manner to be transparent, internally and externally. The CCO is the management’s partner in navigating these moments with excellent judgement to mitigate risk.

We partner with management teams and boards across the following entities:

  • Corporations across all industry sectors
  • Entities that range in size from pre-IPO to mega-cap, multi-nationals
  • Privately-held companies in all industry sectors
  • Not-for-profit and academic institutions.

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