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Who We Are

We have completed over 1400 placements in sports, sports media/tech, music, entertainment & leisure. We are recruiters with deep “practitioner” experience and more functional specialization than any other firm. Our leadership worked as senior executives at ESPN, MLB teams, NHL teams, music companies, SEC, ACC and Big East athletic departments and other top organizations within the sports, entertainment and media landscape.

Our Approach

Our industry experience, tenure and technology enable us to work deeper, smarter and faster. We prioritize diversity & inclusion - always. Our process takes less than four weeks to deliver a slate; and less than four more weeks to make a hire. We bring an unparalleled level of analytics and insights to hiring decisions. We stay hands-on to conclusion and professionally close the deal.

Our Philosophy

We don’t just focus on C-level placements. We work at all levels to know candidates across the arc of time and career. It’s why we are the exclusive talent partner of the industry awards for Women in Media; Forty Under 40; and New Voices Under 30.


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