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Walking the Talk

Walking The Talk is a global pioneer consulting firm that helps leaders drive the culture they need to successfully implement their strategy, using a methodology first introduced in the best-selling book Walking the Talk: Building a Culture for Success. For more than 20 years the firm has supported organizations through periods of the rapid growth, transformation, acquisitions, turnaround or reputation repair, ensuring their culture encourages the critical behaviors needed for maximum performance.


We would rather be talking about you and your culture opportunities, but we understand that you might want to know a little bit about us before engaging in a conversation. So, here are a few facts about who we are and what makes us different.

We love what we do: Culture

We are a global team who share the same passion: culture. We consult on culture, only culture, and nothing but culture. Always have. Always will. The famous consultant Peter Drucker said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” We know this to be true, we’ve seen it in action.

We make culture do-able: By you

From the very start, we’ve invested heavily in creating a ground-breaking, easy-to-use methodology that makes the ‘soft’ and intangible practical and do-able. During the past 25 years we’ve been working on culture, so we've found out what works and, if we’re honest, what doesn’t. Our methodology is grounded in reality.

We are truly global

We work all over the globe and pride ourselves in being citizens of the world. Our team is present on all continents. Our strength lies in being able to provide culture consulting services to global organizations present in many countries and often in several languages.

We are diverse

Our people come from a variety of backgrounds: psychologists, coaches, consultants, business professionals, linguists, to name a few. We speak several languages. Our combined culture experience adds up to hundreds of years. It’s a little scary, but it means we really know what we’re talking about.


Our difference

Most of our clients choose to work with us because we are experts in our field and because we are a little different from other global consultancies. The first difference - we will never say it enough - is that we love what we do! We bring real passion to our work. But it doesn’t stop here…

We are friendly

We believe in building relationships over the long term. We love people and we want to do what’s right for them. Many clients call us “friendly experts”. In our work, we never take the human out of the equation. At the end of the day, culture is how we behave as human beings – and why.

We are generous with our knowledge

Our vision is for every organization in the world to have a thriving culture. We can only do this by leaving every client stronger and more capable of leading and managing their own culture. So that’s what we do. We build client culture capability with every step, through every project.

We teach you to fish

We believe that we can’t do culture to you. You need to own and drive your organization’s culture for it to be successful. As culture experts our job is to help you shape what’s there and show you how to manage it. We believe that these vital capabilities shouldn’t leave your business when we go. So we educate your teams in culture management as we work alongside them.

We are flexible

Every organization is unique. Every culture is unique. This uniqueness makes it who you are and how successful you are. That's why we don’t like using a cookie-cutter approach. We don't believe in “one size fits all” when it comes to culture. We listen, we adapt, we flex, we work with you to design the approach that suits you best.

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